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Kerala Tourism

God’s own country... a land where nature blooms with all its beauty. Wedged between the Arabian Sea in the west and the Western Ghats mountain range to the east, geographically Kerala is roughly divided into three climatically distinct regions, the eastern highlands (rugged and cool mountainous terrain), the central midlands (rolling hills), and the western lowlands (coastal plains). Being situated in the tropics the weather is mainly humid and wet due to the influence of the monsoons, though the eastern fringes are substantially drier. The Western Ghat range of mountains are composed of high mountain peak rising on an average to 1500m above sea level, with gorges, and deep-cut valleys covered with dense forests, interspersed with tea, coffee and spice plantations, spectacular waterfalls and mountain streams. This is the most species-rich eco region in peninsular India with eighty percent of the flowering plant species of the entire mountain range found here.

Best time to visit Kerala

Each season in Kerala is special and has its own charms. Kerala weather is very pleasing and enjoyable throughout the year and this is one of the reasons why Kerala is emerging as an all season destination. 
Winter in Kerala from September to March, is mild, comfortable and pleasant. Summer from March to May, is hot but not very humid, unlike fall and winter. Enjoy the charm of wet Kerala and trees swaying to monsoon between June and August. Occasional rains and pleasant climate is seen in September and October.


Kerala has three international airports and is connected with major airlines like Air India, Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, Sri Lankan Airlines, Gulf Air, Oman Airways, Kuwait Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Indigo,etc..

Climate and Seasons

Kerala weather is very pleasing and enjoyable throughout the year one of the reasons because of which Kerala is fastly emerging as an all season destination. 
Winters in Kerala from November to March, are mild, comfortable and pleasant. 
Summers, from March to May, are hot but not very humid, unlike fall and winter. 
Goa is lashed with heavy rains and strong winds during monsoons between June and August. 
Occasional rains and pleasant climate is seen in September and October.

Kerala in Winter- Best Season to visit Kerala

The best time to visit Kerala is during winter season, from November to March. This is decidedly the peak tourist season of the state of Kerala and the weather, at this time is at its mild, pleasantest best, to enjoy yourself on beaches, hill stations and backwaters.
If you are planning to visit Kerala in winter then plan early and block dates in advance – but be ready to expect crowds and to shell out higher amounts for accommodation, round trips, nights out, and other events. Some special days like Xmas eve and New Year’s eve has additional mandatory charges in most hotels.

Kerala in summer – Good Season

Summer is a good season to visit Kerala especially if you plan your summer holiday packages in Kerala well in such a way that you spend enough time in hill stations like Munnar and Thekkady. Spend sweltering, sultry but non humid days if you land up in summer at this lazy-daisy destination – a good time though for a budget holiday. The heat will probably keep you off the beaches and you may find yourself engaged in peaceful siestas in the afternoons, but expect heavy off-season discounts as far as accommodation and sightseeing, dinner and drinks are concerned. Besides beaches, options like a visit to wildlife sanctuaries and spice plantations could offer slight respite from the heat. Evenings are pleasant and comfortable but not humid

Kerala in Monsoon – Charms of Wet Kerala

The monotony of the warm, moderately warm and humid phases throughout the year is broken by the onset of the monsoons in June. The monsoon, which begins in June to Kerala comes as a relief for local people after the hot, dry months of early summer, bringing welcome rain and lower temperatures. Kerala can be at its most beautiful at this time of year, with verdant tea gardens in hill stations like Munnar and the vivid green of newly sprouting rice in place of the bare red earth and parched vegetation of the dry season in rice in backwater of Alleppey . Most tourists in India and abroad are yet to wake up to the charms of a wet Kerala which is the best season for Ayurvedic treatments and renowned Kerala Ayurveda Packages.