Spice Route – House Boat


“Spice Routes Cardamom” is a luxury houseboat on par with five star facilities. So large and convenient, it manifests modish charm and cozy ambience. Your cruise on “Spice Routes Cardamom” through the beautiful backwaters of an unblemished countryside will fill you with unforgettable experiences and memories.

“Spice Routes Cardamom” is built in with two spacious rooms –Alleppey Green Bold and Njallany - which are fully air-conditioned and splendidly decorated and has all the modern amenities for your complete comfort and happiness. The rooms are named after two exquisite varieties of cardamom and splendidly appointed with everything for your comfort and convenience.

Glass-panelled and furnished rooms will fetch you the grand full view of the countryside outside. You can rest in the quietude of the rooms and enjoy the simple rustic beauty of Kuttanadu.

Spacious double bedrooms, so large and majestic, make the perfect world for your total privacy. Here you are in a haven of comfort and absolutely undisturbed.

“Spice Routes Cardamom” is extraordinarily elegant with its facilities. Each room on it has an en suite bathroom and toilet with quality accessories of international standard.

The kitchen on board serves you gorgeous delicacies of the land including Karimeen, Kappa and toddy. We also have a variety of dishes to serve to your delight and excellent service to accord.

Hotel Type : Luxury
Location : Alleppey