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Kerala holds the distinction of being the only state in India, where monsoon hits twice a year, the southwest and the northeast monsoon. The lush green landscape of Kerala becomes more refreshing and greener at this time of the year. You can visit all the splendid tourist destinations of Kerala by travelling with one of My Kerala Trip's amazing Kerala tour packages. At present, Kerala is one among the best tourist paradises in the world. Relishing the monsoon season of Kerala comes with plenty of benefits. Another great highlight of travelling to Kerala during the monsoon season is it provides you with an opportunity to see and be a part of all the celebrations conducted during Onam. This is the state festival of Kerala and it is accompanied by many joyful events such as Snake Boat Races, Traditional Dances, and the Onam Sadya – a traditional dish consisting of numerous varieties of vegetarian curries. This is also a great time to experience a rejuvenating Ayurvedic Massage. My Kerala Trip provides the best India Ayurvedic treatment packages and we work with the best resorts and Ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala. This is one of the oldest forms of traditional medicine in the world and it treats a number of physical and mental ailments by the means of yoga, meditation, strict diets, and therapeutic oil massages. The beaches too would look more picturesque during monsoon. See the best of Kerala this monsoon season by getting in touch with experts

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    Know more the Fascinating Culture of Kerala – God’s Own Country

    Kerala is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The fascinating aspects of Kerala’s culture have delighted tourists both domestic and international for many years. God’s Own Country is not just defined by its abundance of scenic beauty but it is also a potpourri of people with varied cultures, religious beliefs, and ethnic backgrounds. The culture of Kerala can be classified based on its Music, Dance Forms, Food, Festivals, Lifestyles, and religious beliefs. My Kerala Trip, the best tour operator in Kerala offers each of our customers a chance to experience the unique culture during their trip to Kerala. The traditional classical music of Kerala follows the Carnatic style. Apart from the classical music, the people in Kerala also enjoy listening to light music, pop, and devotional songs. The dance forms of Kerala are gaining widespread popularity globally. These dance forms include Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Theyyam, Koodiyattam, Thullal, Oppana, Margamkali, and Thiruvathirakkali. Some of the dances such as Oppana and Margamkali are performed during weddings whereas Thiruvathirakkali is mostly performed during the state festival Onam. It would be an amazing Kerala tourism experience to see these performances first hand. Kathakali is the most famous dance form of Kerala and it involves the use of expressive and dramatic body language, facial expressions, and classical music. One can find this being performed in many cultural centres and temples throughout the state. The local cuisine of Kerala is exquisite. Their taste is enhanced by the use of coconuts in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. As the people of Kerala love trying out meat dishes of different varieties, the menu offered in many restaurants and hotels would not disappoint their visitors. A new niche in tourism industry, Kerala food tourism has really caught on as more people from around the world are coming to Kerala to try out its divine local cuisine. The dishes of Kerala is characterised by its use of chillies, mustard seeds, and tamarind. Some of the iconic dishes of Kerala include Avial, Kalan, Olan, Thoran, and Semiya Payasam. Every place in Kerala has its own unique signature dish and our fascinating culinary packages in Kerala covers the best dishes offered in all the fourteen districts of Kerala. Being a coastal state, seafood is found in abundance here. One can eat it any form with rice, chapatti, and parottas. The tender coconut juice is a speciality of Kerala and is served in many eateries and houseboats. Many festivals are celebrated in Kerala; the most prominent one is Onam. Onam is the state festival of Kerala and it is celebrated in a period of 10 days. This is also known as the Harvest festival and it falls between the month of August and September. Kerala is a religiously diverse state and the people celebrate festivals from different religions with equal fervour. Visiting Kerala during festive seasons will provide an excellent Kerala tourism for family experience as one can catch a glimpse into the rich and diverse culture of Kerala, which would be educational for your children. The people of Kerala are generally known as Keralites and they are extremely simple and friendly. Although many major cities in Kerala are fast developing into commercial hubs, the people still love to lead simple lives often bordering to traditional. The traditional dress worn by the women is Set Mundu and the men wear a simple shirt with a white mundu. Kerala is a place that is both modern and rural at the same time. Our Kerala tour packages lists out the finest places in Kerala where one can learn more about the fascinating cultural history of Kerala. The state is famous for peacefully harbouring people from different religious backgrounds. Although Hinduism, Christianity, and Muslims are the three main religion in Kerala, the state also has people who are Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Jews. Despite its religious diversity, all the religious communities of Kerala join to celebrate their cultural and religious festivities together. Kerala is thus a place that is definitely worth exploring especially when it comes to its fascinating culture and history. The people of Kerala are extremely happy and they would immediately warm up to friendly tourists.
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